Treat YoursELF

Beauty Products

Treat yourself with beauty products from Ashley Coutures Beauty Bar (map), Bohemia Beauty Bar (map), and BSW Beauty (map)

Chiropractic Services

Get adjusted and try natural pain relief with the chiropractic services of Cuse Chiro, the Downtown Chiropractor (map)!

Fitness Fun

Get your fitness on with classes at FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks (map), Metro Fitness Club (map) and Metro Pilates Studio (map), and the YMCA of Central New York (map). 

#DealAlert: Purchase three personal training sessions or three personal Pilates sessions for $90 at Metro Fitness (map) when purchased by Friday, December 31. And, enjoy three Pilates classes at Metro Pilates Reformer Studio (map), for $75, when purchased by Friday, December 24th.

Wake Up Ready

Treat yourself with professional makeup, permanent makeup, skincare and lash extensions from Lashes, Locks & Lips Makeup Artistry (map) and/or Painted Lady Studios (map)

Nail It

Freshen up your nails with a manicure at Oriental Nail Salon (map)

Relax and Unwind

Treat yourself with a massage from Armory Massage Therapy (map), Hand in Health Massage Therapy (map), or Whole Body Massage Therapy (map)

Renew Your Sole(s)

Revive your favorite pair of shoes with new heels, and/or shoe polish from Ralph’s Discount Shoe Repair (map)!

Spa Day

Treat yourself with to a radiant new glow or a spa day at Jessica Elizabeth Skincare (map), Pernell (map), Sedora Spa (map), SOS Wellness Spa (map), 

Ink Yourself

Have you been thinking about new ink or making a change to your look? Get inked and/or pierced at Resurrected Tattoo (map) and/or Scarab Body Arts (map)

Message from Dash & Dot

Downtown Businesses: If you would like to submit an item for the Dash & Dot Gift Guide, please send the elves a message via email to [email protected]!

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